Within a year from graduation, all other LMEF students have found jobs in banks, the public sector or international institutions, financial and rating companies and consultancies:


Simona Schiappa: Consultant at KPMG Advisory Italy

Giuseppe Rinaldi: Financial Risk Consultant at KPMG Advisory  Italy

Diana De Pisapia: Economic Risk Analyst at Unicredit Group

Tiziana Maida: Research Analyst at IPS Capital LLP

Giuseppe Leonello: Analyst - Competition Economics at KPMG UK

Alessandro Gallo: Business Support Officer at European Investment Bank - Luxembourg

Anna Giuliano: Analyst ad Edison Spa 

Jennifer Altmeyer Cucolo: Risk and Compliance consultant at KPMG Italy

Maria Aprea: Financial Risk Manager at Banca Popolare di Bari

Alessia Marrazzo: Partner at Lear

Elvira Riccardi: Partner & Client Services at Lombard International Assurance

Camillo Vastola: Fund Manager/Administrator presso Credem Banca

Marco Pisani: Senior consultant at Deloitte Consulting

Marco Valletta: Trade and Export finance analyst at Saipem

Marco Foggia: FMCG Solutions Intern at Nielsen

Luigi Califano: Senior Implementation Consultant at Avantage Reply

Marcella Grasso: Researcher at Cles 

Chiara Cariddi:  Intercultural Mediator – Coordinator at CEFAL

Alessia Rossi: Grants administrator at The Scripps Research institute

Raffaella Russo: Project Referent at Amra scarl

Federico Esposito: Assistant Professor of Economics at Tufts University (PhD at Yale)

Elena De Falco: Business Banking - Deutsche Bank

Violante Mattiello: Consultant at Price WaterHouse Coopers

Giulia Bosco: Financial Risk management consultant at KPMG advisory – Milan

Salvatore Vatieri: Credit risk analyst at KPMG - Milan

Alfio Morante: M&A FIG Analyst Intern at Rothschild & Co

Roberto Imperato: Junior consultant at Prometeia

Maria Carannante: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Naples Federico II (PhD at University Federico II)

Giovanni Nappi: Teaching assistant at Queen Mary University - London

Roberto Imbimbo: Quantitative Research Analyst at QUMMIF | Investment Fund

Raffaella Esposito: Financial Risk Consultant at Avantage Reply – London

Gianfranco Tamburrini: Fixed Income Sales at Banca Promos

Paolo Barone: Equity Trader per Z.R.T.X trading Ltd a Larnaca (Cipro)

Paolo Saviano: Stage at BNP Paribas

Rosa Antonelli: M&A Intern at Natixis

Ludovica Luongo: Business Consultant at CRIBIS

Lorenzo Pandolfi: CSEF  Post-doctoral fellow (PhD at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)

Vincenzo Pezone: Assistant Professor at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. Main  (PhD at Berkeley University)

Armando Martino: Analyst at Arca Fondi

Fiorella Pocobelli: Financial Risk Management Consultant  at KPMG Advisory Italy

Fulvio Ferretti: Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company

Francesco Cozzolino: Key Account Manager at Pernigotti S.p.A.

Mario Arpaia: Risk Management at KPMG advisory S.p.A.

Raffaele Giuliana: Financial Stability Consultant at the Central Bank of Ireland – (PhD at Norwegian School of Economics)

Luca Picariello: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Naples Federico II and CSEF. (PhD at Norwegian School of Economics)

Silvia Granato: Teaching Fellow at University of Warwick – (PhD at Queen Mary University)

Michele Farina: Assistant Portfolio Manager at Anima SGR

Francesco Rega: Financial Risk Management Consultant at KPMG

Maurizia Menichini: Financial Risk Management Consultant at KPMG

Nicola Alfano: Financial Risk Management Consultant at KPMG

Giuseppe Marigliano: Financial Risk Management Consultant at KPMG

Giuseppe Braccia: Credit Advisor at Findomestic Banca SpA

Beatrice Rossano: Internal Control & Retail System at Fendi

Francesco di Porzio: Junior Analyst - Credit Risk Monitoring presso SACE Fct Spa

Domenico Riccio: Business Analyst at Accenture Portugal