MEF: Admission criteria and Application process

The Master is directed to graduate students with a solid undergraduate training in economics and/or quantitative subjects. Specifically:
  • Italian applicants must hold a four-year degree or an advanced degree (“laurea specialistica” or “laurea magistrale”), with a final grade of at least 100/110. 
  •  Foreign applicants must hold an equivalent degree: in their case, the grade acceptable for admission is determined by the Master’s admission committee. Both EU nationals and non-EU national who reside in Italy with a regular work or study permit can apply for admission. For non-resident non-EU nationals, admission is subject to existing visa and immigration regulations. 
The selection of applicants is effected by the admission committee and is performed based on the candidates qualifications. Students can apply also if they have not yet been awarded the degree required for admission to the Master, provided they obtain such degree by the deadline for registration.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure requires applicants to file a preliminary application and a formal application (subject to admission at the preliminary stage).

1. Preliminary Application

Interested candidates are invited to fill the online preliminary application form by the deadline and enclose the following mandatory documents:
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Signed and sealed reference letter by a professor from the applicant’s university;
  • Official transcript of his/her undergraduate degree, displaying the overall grade (if applicable), the list of exams taken and their grades. All foreign students must attach a "dichiarazione di valore" which is a document issued by the Italian consular authorities as a recognition of academic qualifications. If the applicant has not yet graduated, he/she must send a statement that the official transcript and its translation will be provided by October 30th 2021;
  • Certificate of good working knowledge of written and spoken English (TOEFL, First Cambridge Certificate, Proficiency in English, IELTS or equivalent). If students have not yet obtained a language certification they can attach a personal letter stating they are able to follow a master course taught exclusively in English and they would be willing to be contacted for an interview.

2. Formal Application

Candidates,  subject to admission at the preliminary stage, must send a formal application (enclosing all required documents) to:

Magnifico Rettore dell'Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II
Ufficio Scuole di specializzazione e Master
Via Mezzocannone, 16 - 80134 Napoli.
On the top left corner of the envelope please write:
"Concorso pubblico per titoli per l'ammissione al corso di Master di II livello in Economics and Finance afferente alla Facoltà di Economia - INOLTRO URGENTE".

Important Dates

Applications starting from 25 February 2021.

Preliminary Application deadline: 
  • 30 June 2021 (for non EU students)
  •  28 July 2021 (for Italian and EU students)
“Early applications are encouraged, since they have a greater chance of being successful and obtaining financial support.”

Fees and Financial Support

The registration fee for the Master amounts to €3.000,00  (plus € 140,00 for regional taxes and € 14,62 for stamp duty). 

MEF offers scholarships up to €6.000,00 funded by Compagnia di San Paolo, with priority for foreign students. Monetary prizes are awarded to the best students at the end of the master.