Lilli Basile Prize

The award is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Lilli Basile, who died prematurely on 2 January 2007. For over thirty years Lilli Basile has carried out her teaching and research activity with great passion and professionalism at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Naples Federico II, appreciated by students for her helpfulness and dedication. Her academic career has been characterized by intense relationships with the international research. The prize is intended for a female student who has shown passion and ability in economic studies and wishes to give an international dimension to her education. It consists in contributing to the frequency of university courses in economic subjects offered by a high quality foreign institution (for example in the context of a Summer School). 

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The winner will be reimbursed for travel expenses, accommodation and registration up to a maximum of € 2.500,00. The award is funded by a promoter committee, made up of Italian foreign colleagues and friends of Lilli Basile.

Application Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree, with a grade of at least 100/110
  • Enrollment in a Master's Degree in Economics and / or Finance at the Department of Economics and Statistics (DISES) of the University of Naples Federico II

Mandatory Documents

  • An application including the details of the course that you want to attend and student's personal data (name, surname, place of birth, student registration number, address, e-mail, telephone number);
  • the bachelor's degree thesis (if available);
  • official transcript of the undergraduate degree, displaying the overall grade (if applicable), the list of exams taken and their grades;
  • transcript of master's degree, displaying the list of exams already taken and their grades;
  • reccomendation letter by a professor.

Application Procedure

The Application  (enclosing all required documents) must be sent no later than April 25th, 2022,  by email to:

 Mrs. Micol Sorrentino -

In the object of the e-mail please write: "Premio Lilli Basile".

The selection will be based on:
  • the grades obtained in the bachelor and / or master's degree course;
  • the final dissertation and / or the reccomendation letter;
  • the quality of the chosen course to be financed with the prize;
  • an interview reserved for the most promising candidates.

Past Editions Winners of the Lilli Basile Prize

Maria Giovanna Cattaneo and Annalisa Scognamiglio


Chiara Cariddi


Iolanda Barone


 Alessia Marrazzo


Maria Carannante and Silvia Granato


Diana De Pisapia


Rosa Antonelli


Elisa Scarinzi


Fiorella Pocobelli and Martina Simeone


Maurizia Menichini


Antonia Pacelli, Alice Sodano and Fulvia Budillon


Stefania Merone


Federica Carannante