MEF: Closing Seminars


Each year an economist with a strong background in political economics is called to give a seminar on topics related to his field. Then he also gives to the students the final certificate and also a medal offered to the best teacher of the year choosen by the students.

XXIII edition - July 2nd 2019

Jorde Padilla   

  "Big Tech Banking" 

XXII edition - July 3rd 2018

Massimo Motta   

  "Rising concentration and market power: the role of competition policy"


XXI edition - July 6th 2017

Oliver Blanchard     

  "Should one reject the natural rate hypothesis?"


XX edition - July 5th 2016

Tito Boeri (President of INPS)      

  "A clash of generations"


XIX edition - July 2nd 2015

Hyun Song Shin (Economic Advisor and head of research - Bank of international Settlements)

"Global liquidity and monetary policy transmission"


XVIII edition - July 3rd 2014

Claudio Borio (Head of the Monetary and Economic Department - Bank of International Settlements)

"The financial cycle and macroeconomics: what have we learnt?"


XVII edition - June 21st 2013

Ignazio Angeloni (Director General Financial Stability - European Central Bank)

"Towards a European Banking Union: Why, How, When?"


XVI edition - June 18th 2012

Luigi Pistaferri (Professor at Stanford University)

"Changes in the Income distribution and Aggregate Consumption"


XV edition - June 16th 2011

Alberto Giovannini (CEO, Unifortune SGR)

"Government Failures and Market Failures in the Finanical System"


XIV edition - June 28th 2010

Orazio Attanasio (Professor at University College London)

"Evaluating development policies"


XIII edition - June 19th 2009

Fernando Alvarez (Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago)

"Household liquidity management: theory and measurement"


XII edition - July 2nd 2008

Ignazio Visco (Vice-Director of the Bank of Italy)

"The subprime mortage crisis and financial turbolences"


XI edition - July 2nd 2007

Lucrezia Reichlin (Research General Director of ECB)

"Money and Monetary Policy: The BCE Experience 1999-2006"


X edition - June 2006

Marco Onado (Bocconi University)

"Finance and Financial Scandals: Theory and Accountability"


IX edition - June 24th 2005

Francesco Giavazzi (Bocconi University)

"The US Foreign Debt and the Dollar"

Giorgio Basevi (University of Bologna and MTS SpA)


VIII edition - July 5th 2004

Luigi Spaventa (University of Rome Tor Vergata):

"Agency Problems and Investors' Protection: Theory and Practice"


VII edition - June 18th 2003

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa (European Central Bank):

"Financial Supervision after the Euro"


VI edition - July 2nd 2002

Mario Draghi (Goldman Sachs):

"The Italian Financial System: Past and Future"