MEF: Closing Seminars

Each year an economist with a strong background in political economics is called to give a
seminar on topics related to his field. Then he also gives to the students the final certificate and also a medal offered to the best teacher of the year choosen by the students.

XXVI Edition June 27th 2022


School of Economics, Tel Aviv University, and Department of Economics, New York University

" What you probably didn't know about Economic Theory."

Aula Rossa - Complesso Universitario Monte Sant'Angelo - 11.00 a.m.

XXV Edition July 2nd 2021


" Enhanced Outlook and Energing Risk in the Banking Union"

XXIII Edition
July 2nd 2019

Jorde Padilla

  "Big Tech Banking"

XXII Edition
July 3rd 2018

Massimo Motta

  "Rising concentration and market power:the role of competition policy"

XXI Edition
July 6th 2017

Oliver Blanchard

  "Should one reject the natural rate hypothesis?"

XX Edition
July 5th 2016

Tito Boeri 

  "A clash of generations"

XIX Edition
July 2nd 2015

Hyun Song Shin

"Global liquidity and monetary policy transmission"

XVIII Edition
July 3rd 2014

Claudio Borio

"The financial cycle and macroeconomics: what have we learnt?"

XVII Edition
June 21st 2013

Ignazio Angeloni

"Towards a European Banking Union: Why, How, When?"

XVI Edition
June 18th 2012

Luigi Pistaferri

"Changes in the Income Distribution and Aggregate Consumption"

XV Edition
June 16th 2011

Alberto Giovannini

"Government Failures and Market Failures in the Financial Systems "

XIV Edition
June 28th 2010

Orazio Attanasio

"Evaluating development policies"

XIII Edition
June 19th 2009

Fernando Alvares

"Household liquidity management: theory and measurement"

XII Edition
July 2nd 2008

Ignazio Visco

"The subprime mortgage crisis and financial turbolences"

XI Edition
July 2nd 2007

Lucrezia Reichlin

"Money and Monetary Policy: The BCE Experience 1999-2006"

X Edition
June 2006

Marco Onado

"Finance and Financial Scandals: Theory and Accountability"

IX Edition
June 24th 2005

Francesco Giavazzi

"The US Foreign Debt and the Dollar"

VIII Edition
July 5th 2004

Luigi Spaventa

"Agency Problems and Investors' Protection: Theory and Practice"

VII Edition
June 18th 2003

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

"Financial Supervision after the Euro"

VI Edition
July 2nd 2002

Mario Draghi

"The Italian Financial System: Past and Future"