Career Opportunities

The Master in Economics and Finance provides students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to pursue a professional and academic career in economics and finance.

  • Financial Industry

Corporations, consulting firms, banks, investment funds, pension funds, hedge funds, insurance companies, rating companies. Many of our former students work in leading companies in the financial sector like Unicredit, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Pioneer Investments, Moody’s.

  • Public and International bodies

Antitrust authorities, central banks, stock exchanges, supervisory bodies on banks and securities markets, international organizations. Some of our alumni are currently working in leading public institutions in Europe like the European Central Bank, Bank of Italy, European Commission, and Eurostat.

  • Academia

Research opportunities are also available for those who wish to pursue an academic career. Many of our former students have been admitted to prestigious PhD programs in economics or finance both in the United States (MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Northwestern, Berkeley) and in Europe (London School of Economics, Oxford, University College London, Toulouse, Mannheim, Pompeu Fabra).