Marco Sorge - X MEF
 Assistant Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Naples Federico II, affiliate Professor at the University of Göttingen  and Reserach Fellow of CSEF.
 After the MEF, he received the Ph.D. in Public Economics at the University of Salerno (Italy) and the Ph.D. in Quantitative Economics at Bonn Graduate School
 of Economics. His reaserch focuses on Computational economics, Dynamic macroeconomics and Political economy.  




 Giovanni Walter Puopolo - VIII MEF 
 Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Naples Federico II. After the MEF, he received a Ph.D. in Finance at the Universty of Lausanne and Swiss
 Finance Institute and a Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Naples Federico II.  Professor of  Finance at the Bocconi University from 2010 up to 2015. His
 research activity focuses on investment-nased asset pricing and portfolio theory with transaction costs.

 Angelo Esposito - VIII MEF 
 He is Head of Portfolio Management at Crediti Speciali - BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas. After the MEF, he started his professional Career in the banking sector,
 working for two years at Unicredit spa and then moving to BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas where he served also as Portfolio Risk Manager and Credit Impairment referent.

 Giuliano Palumbo - VII MEF 

 After the MEF I continued my study with a PhD in Advanced Econometrics at Bocconi University. I worked in the Research & Strategy office at Pioneer Investments
 (Unicredit Group), where I dealt with the analysis of the asset management industry. I have also done research on issues like the investors’ behavior and the efficiency
 of financial portfolios.  Now I am Fixed Income Portfolio Strategist at Euromobiliare Asset  Management SGR.






 Roberto Mosca - VII MEF

 After the Master, I continued my studies with a PhD at the University of Naples “Parthenope” and spent a period of research at the Kelley School of Business of Indiana  University. Now I work for the Bank of Italy as a co-auditor and I am developing a research project with members of the faculty of the Kelley School.





  Salvatore Piccolo - IV MEF 

 After attending the MEF, I obtained a Masters in Mathematical Economics from the University of Toulouse in 2001 and then a PhD in Economics at Northwestern          University,  in  the US. In 2005 I became Assistant Professor in the Economics department of the University of Salerno. In 2008 I moved to the Department of          Economics at the  University of  Naples Federico II. I am now Fulll Professor of Economics at the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan).





 Maria Grazia Romano - IV MEF 
 I attended the MEF in 1999-2000. After that, I obtained the Master in Marchés et Intermédiaires Financiers from the University of Toulouse, and in 2005 the PhD in  Mathematics for Economic Analysis and Finance from the University of Naples “Federico II”. Since 2004 I have been a Research Fellow at the Centre for Studies in
 Economics and Finance (CSEF). Since 2008 I am Assistant Professor in the Economics department of the University of Salerno. My relationship with the MEF continued during the years, as I have taught classes in asset pricing and corporate finance courses.





 Carlo Altavilla - III MEF

 He is Adviser for the Directorate Monetary Policy at the European Central Bank, where he served also as Economist and Researcher. After the MEF he received
 the Ph.D. in Economics  at the “Catholic University of Leuven” (Belgium)  and the Ph.D. in Public Economics at the “University of Salerno”.  He was Associate
 Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Naples “Parthenope” up to 2012. His  research interests are: Monetary Economics, International finance, Labour,
 Applied Econometrics.

 Giovanna della Palma - I MEF
 After the Mef , she worked in several companies covering highly responsible positions: Financial Statement Expert for Enel, Senior Controller for Fastweb Spa,
 Management  Consultant and Head Hunter for Sin&rgetica. Now she is Head of Management Control, Head of Procurement  for Sara Assicurazioni Spa and Board
 Member & Director at  ReValuta S.p.A. (Tecnoinvestimenti Group).



  Alessandra Losito - I MEF

 During my year at MEF I had the opportunity to strengthen my background in Economics and Finance so that I could successfully attend a course on derivates at the    London  School of Economics in 2001 and to complete the CFA Program in 2002. After a short experience in auditing, I started working for the Borsa Italiana SpA as a  business  analyst in the derivates division. Then, in 2000, I joined Citigroup to work as a private banker in Milan and in 2003 in Rome. Finally, since 2005, I have been    working at Pictet  & C. SIM SpA as a private banker and responsible for the Rome office.